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Response box vutton values

By ineke - 7/14/2013


I have a RB-530 to run my experiment and the device has been installed. However, I can't seem to find all the button values (I know the left one is '14') to program my task with. I have tried the link given on the inquisit site, but it will not run because i have an older version of inquisit.

Thanks for the help!!


By Dave - 7/14/2013

Make a simple script, set the input device to your response box and set any trial to accept any response. Run it pressing the relevant buttons alternatingly. Check the resulting data file's 'response' column for the button values.

By ineke - 7/14/2013

Thanks a lot, that seems indeed very logical!  However, what would the precise instruction to accept any response be ( like / validresponse = ?)?



By Dave - 7/14/2013

/ validresponse = (anyresponse)

as detailed in the documentation.