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Problems with TTL/Parallel Port Monitor

By ekothe - 7/16/2013

I'm trying to set up TTL signals through Inquisit for an ANT EEG system.

But, at the moment I'm having a lot of trouble getting started. So far I've not had any success getting the ANT amp to detect TTL pulses from Inquisit (either through an experiment or through the parallel port monitor). 

What are my options for testing this further?

At the moment I'm not even sure that I've got the parallel port monitor set-up correctly, since I get errors if I try and log through the monitor ("Failed to start logging. Failed to activate data input on parallel port 1"). I've looked at the documentation on the parallel port monitor but it doesn't have a lot of information about how to set up the monitor or troubleshoot. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

By Dave - 7/16/2013

- Have you made sure you are actually using the correct port (check WIndows device manager for port number and address)?

- Have you tried using a different mode (you may have to set this up in the system's BIOS)?

- Have you verified that the port is working properly independent of Inquisit, i.e., are other applications able to send & receive signals through it?

- Have you tried using a different machine?