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assign result to an expression

By beccca - 7/29/2013

Dear all


It's me again ;). I have another question:


Inquisit shows me
either picture 1 or picture 2 randomly:


<trial showPic>

/ stimulusframes =

/ validresponse =

/ inputdevice =




pic contains:


<item pic>

/1 = “pic1.jpg”

/2 = “pic2.jpg”



<picture pic>

/items = pic



I would like to save
the result (meaning what picture has been shown) to a variable.


I have created an


/picResult = 0



But how can I assign
the result to the generated expression (picResult)?


Thanks a lot



By Dave - 7/30/2013

If you want a *variable*, you should not use <expressions> but <values>. You set that value to whatever you wish via conditional logic in event attributes (/ontrialbegin, /ontrialend, etc.).