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Inquist 4 + BIOPAC (MP150) = biofeedback?

By andy - 8/28/2013

Hi all,

I plan to run a training that decreases a potentially existing incongruence between subjective and physiological reactions to emotions.

For this purpose, I will presents emotional expressions to participants and subsequently ask them to indicate their own emotional reactions to them (using Inquisit 4). In parallel, I am going to record expression-contingent changes in skin conductance level (SCL) and heart rate (using BIOPAC MP 150) and I would like to feedback these physiological changes e.g. an increase in SCL to the participants within an Inquisit-trial (e.g. a feedback trial that shows both reactions (subjective statement + physiological changes) on the same screen within the Inquisit experiment).

Most importantly, I need to know, whether it is technically possible to export BIOPAC signals in a form that Inquisit can read and integrate within a given trial (I have been thiniking about TTL-Signals, the stimulator function of MP150 (  -  p108ff), or the possibility to integrate BIOPAC data to SMI BeGaze or Noldus Observer). Has anybody hands-on experience with such a setup?

As I am not a technican, I would very much appreciate any idea!

Best ,