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Wording and scale dis-aligned

By Sabrina - 10/21/2013


When using my PC with a smaller sized screen, the images align fine. However, in larger screens, the following occurs, which you can see in my attached photo. The words Very unattractive, very attractive, etc, are actually jpg images. 

I was hoping if there might be a code I can slip in my programming to keep the screen consistently condensed  so the image doesn't spread out on larger screens?

By Dave - 10/21/2013

You'll want to look into using /canvassize and /canvasaspectratio to achieve more consistent results across various screen dimensions and reslutions. You'll also want to make sure you specify any /size and /position throughout your script in percentages.

By Sabrina - 10/21/2013

There are codes for that, cool. So in the case of the image attached in the OP, how would I add that to this script:

<image veryunattractive>

/ items = ("veryunattractive.jpg")

/ position = (43%, 25.6%)


<image neitherattractivenorunattractive>

/ items = ("neitherattractivenorunattractive.jpg")

/ position = (63%, 25.7%)


<image veryattractive>

/ items = ("veryattractive.jpg")

/ position = (81.6%, 25.6%)


Or would I add that command to an entire block or something else? Thanks!

By Dave - 10/21/2013

They are attributes belonging to the <defaults> element and as such apply to the entire script. You will find this detailed in the documentation.