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Cyrillic symbols

By divcha - 1/4/2008


I try to adapt
the generic IAT to russian
language. But Cyrillic
symbols isn`t supported by Inquisit. It`s problem of both versions. What can I do
to correct this?


By seandr - 1/4/2008


Inquisit should present Cyrillic symbols just fine assuming that you are running it on a machine running a Cyrillic version of Windows (e.g., Russian). If you are running it on English Windows, for example, it won't work.

If it's still not working even on Cyrillic Windows, could you let me know what exactly is going wrong. For example, do you see garbage characters on the screen instead of the correct symbols? Also, if you could post some of your <text> or <item> elements containing the Cyrillic characters, I'll test it out and see if I can isolate the problem.


By dmitrij - 3/10/2014


does Inquisit also show Cyrillic symbols on an German Windows with a Russian Language Interface Pack?
Or does the Windows version have to be originally Russian?


By Dave - 3/10/2014

For Inquisit 4: Yes. Inquisit 4 is a unicode application.

For prior versions (Inquisit 3 and 2): The system's "default language for non-unicode applications" (i.e. codepage) must be set to the appropriate language.
By dmitrij - 3/10/2014

For Inquisit 4 I can use all possible Windows versions to obtain Cyrillic symbols even without installing Language Interface Packs?
By Dave - 3/10/2014

Yes. If a symbol exists in UTF-8, it can be displayed.
By dmitrij - 3/10/2014

great, thanks!