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text help needed

By bluepsychette - 10/29/2004

I set up text and items, specifying the items, numitems txcolor, position, and font. When running a block, the reminders show up but not the text stimuli in the middle. I made sure the color was different from the background color. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I am doing wrong?
By seandr - 10/30/2004

Hey there blue,
Once you set up the and elements, you have specify which trials should present them and when. You can do this in the element (or , , and other variations of using the stimulustimes command, for example:

/ stimulustimes = [0=mytext]

where mytext is the name of your text element. That tells Inquisit to present the text at the beginning of the stimulus presentation for mytrial.

Hope this helps,