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Running multiple tasks from one script

By LatzmanLab - 12/17/2013

We are running an experiment that involves 8 cognitive tasks downloaded from your task library (e.g, Verbal Stroop, Emotional Stroop,  BART, Delay Discounting, etc)  and multiple questionnaires (both likert-style and demographics, which we have created based on your template). Currently we have scripts for each task/questionnaire saved individually and all run successfully.

But, for administration purposes, we really need them to run one after the other without interruption. Is it possible to write a script that would call each of these individual questionnaires and cognitive tasks in a predetermined order? Do you have an example script that we could use?

Thank you!

By Dave - 12/17/2013

You will find the various available options covered in the "Running Sequences of Inquisit Scripts and Other Applications" and "How to Combine Multiple Scripts" topics in the Inquisit documentation.