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Self-Esteem IAT Citation

By jbfleming - 1/16/2014

Hello, one of the tasks I am including in an experiment I'm putting together is the Self-Esteem IAT.
I was pleased to find it already available for download at the Inquisit task library page so I didn't have to do the programming myself.
However, the stimulus words used in this version are different from the ones I had previously determined to be the validated stimuli set.
It is more than likely that I have an out of date version, or that the words included in the version on the Inquisit site are better and also validated.
But, I need to know where those words came from in order to feel comfortable that they are validated properly, and what to cite when writing about my experiment. 
The Self-Esteem IAT script does not contain any information about citations, who programmed it, or how to contact them. Can someone at Millisecond get me in touch with whoever programmed this so I can make sure I understand where the stimuli came from?  Otherwise, I will need to modify it to use the words I was originally going to use.