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Radiobuttons.radiobuttonsname.selected.X offset by one?

By jmwotw - 2/10/2014

I have a radiobutton with 3 options.  When I use the radiobuttons.radiobuttonname.selected.X syntax, there seems to be a mismatch between selected.X and selectedvalue. For example, when option 2 is selected, it is reflected in selected.1.  When option 3 is selected, it is reflected in selected.2. I can't find the syntax to return the selected status of option 1.  The attached code illustrates the issue.

At question 2, select "No.".
Enter in any name in question 3 (a single character will suffice).

The issue is demonstrated in the surveypage, "Page_rating" at the end. Even if selected value correctly equals 1, the values for selected.1-selected.3 all equal 0.  How do I reference the first option?

By Dave - 2/10/2014

I am unable to reproduce this in Inquisit 4.0.4 -- choices are reflected correctly as far as I can tell (see attached screenshot).

Are you seeing this on a Windows box, a Mac, or both?
By jmwotw - 2/10/2014

I just upgraded to 4.0.4, and the bug seems to have been fixed. Thanks.