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Inquisit 2.0 Web Edition microsoft visual c++ debug library debug assertion failed

By cdhardin - 2/24/2014

Have not been using this for a while so not sure if it's my problem.

I uploaded a script (which was actually taken from your task inventory), but it does not seem to work. It gives me "microsoft visual c++ debug library debug assertion failed", no matter what browser I use.

By Dave - 2/24/2014

This is likely due to the fact that (by now ancient) Inquisit 2 is not compatible with current browsers as well as current Windows versions. Ypu may want to consider updating to either Inquisit 3 or -- preferrably -- 4.
By cdhardin - 2/24/2014

But the license we paid for is meant to be "perpetual". True. You can say that the "license" is literally perpetual, but at the point we paid for it we assumed long-term (if not perpetual) support, including update to cater for modern browsers.
By cdhardin - 3/16/2014

Ok. But is there a downloadable browser that is known to work with Inquisit 2.0? I think it's a fair question.
By Dave - 3/16/2014

Old versions of Internet Explorer that shipped with Windows XP might still work. So might old versions of Firefox which can still be obtained from the Mozilla FTP servers.

Regarding the meaning of "perpetual license", the reasoning is laid out at e.g., quoted below for convenience:

"How long do you support perpetual web licenses?

A perpetual web license does not expire, so you may continue using it as long as you like. However, at some point in the future we will stop releasing updates for it, which means the underlying technology may eventually become obsolete as newer versions of browsers and operating systems are released. For this reason, we offer steep discounts to perpetual license holders who wish to upgrade to a newer version of Inquisit."

Hope this helps.