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Joystick for OSX

By Max - 4/13/2014

Dear all,
we're working with the AAT on a Mac OSX (10.9) system. We tried different Joysticks form our hardware pool (e.g. a Logitech Wingman Force 3d) which didn't work. Can anyone give us a recommendation which stick will work via USB on a Mac.
By Dave - 4/13/2014

AFAIK, joystick input isn't possible under OSX. From the docs for the /inputdevice attribute:

joystick    Responses are defined as a joystick action.
               Joystick support is limited to Windows only.

Hope this helps.
By Max - 4/13/2014

Thank you Dave. It helps as we use OSX only for development, I think we need to switch the machines now ;-)
ATB, Max