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Deleting participant log on Inquisit web not working

By jbfleming - 4/15/2014

If I go to my web scripts, Participants, Delete Log, and then hit the Delete Log Data button, the participant log remains. I have done this several times with the same results. I just want to clear the test participant data that's in there now, and I'll want to do it again once testing is over and before real participants start.
By Dave - 4/15/2014

Thanks for the report. I can confirm the issue and have filed a bug report.
By jbfleming - 4/22/2014

Is there an estimated fix time for this? We're about done testing and I'd really like to delete/reset the participant log so it is more useful once we start having real participants.
By seandr - 4/22/2014

Sorry for the delay - can you private message me your userid and script url? I'll look into this asap and either get the fix or simply delete the activity log manually.

By seandr - 4/22/2014

Ok, the issue should be fixed now. Try deleting your log, and let me know if it doesn't work.

By jbfleming - 4/29/2014

This did work the last time I tried it - thank you!