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Pictures arranged in a 'room'

By ChloeO - 4/15/2014


We are trying to code a task where participants are presented with a series of 100 items (shown as pictures) that they can choose to acquire or not.

Once 20 items have been acquired/selected from the set of pictures we would like to present them in a 'room'. Is it possible to have a picture of a room to show on the background taking up the entire screen with the items arranged around the room in front of the room picture? How would we code this?

By Dave - 4/15/2014

Yes, of course that's possible. Elements are drawn in the order given in a <trial>'s /stimulusframes, i.e.,

/ stimulusframes = [1=background, a, b, c]

will first draw the background object and then objects a, b and c on top.