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Data in wrong columns

By Chiquita - 5/13/2014


Some of my data do not come out correctly. Some of the rows "jump" to the wrong place. There does not seem to be a particular pattern of how the rows are moving over. I have included the screenshot of this issue. As you can see, some of the rows from participant 207 ended up in the wrong place. I double checked my code, and it looks fine to me. What is going on with my data?
By Dave - 5/13/2014

This is impossible to answer based on a screenshot. Please provide specific details re. the data, how they were generated and how you imported them into whatever application you are using to view them.
By Chiquita - 5/14/2014

The data are generated from a study using likert items. The screenshot I provided is in excel, but the original data (the .iqdat file) has the same problem.

This is code for the data.

/columns =[date time subject blocknum trialnum trialcode response latency]

This is an example of a likert item.

<likert approvcourt>
/stimulusframes = [1=a]
/ anchors = [1 = "Strongly approve"; 2= "Somewhat approve"; 3 = "Neither approve nor disapprove";
4= "Somewhat disapprove"; 5 = "Strongly disapprove" ]
/ position=(50, 70)
/ mouse=TRUE
/ anchorwidth = 30%

I am using Inquisit 4 build 2444. The study runs on computers with Windows 7.

By Dave - 5/14/2014

The only thing I can think of is some sort of hiccup in the process of merging various data files (perhaps with different structure, i.e., if you revised the <data> output sometime mid-study). Other than that, no idea and never seen anything like it.