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Activity log empty?

By hbl - 5/28/2014

I tested a survey earlier in the month and was able to see data collected by the Participant Activity Log. However, I just ran 50 people yesterday and there is no log for any of them, though there seems to be a place holder/link for the right date.

I didn't change anything from the pilot to the actual collection, so I am unsure why participant data didn't collect.


By Dave - 5/28/2014

Hard to tell without further info / access to your account, but here's a possibility:

IF at some previous point you registered a script with a given name (say, for the sake of example, 'myscript.iqx'), took it down and then later registered another (different, new) script under that same name, the activity logs for the latter may have been stored with the entries from the *previous* script (the one that was first registered under the given name). Could that be the case here?
By hbl - 5/28/2014

Hello Dave,

Yes, that appears to be exactly what happened. I did take it down and put it back up since we are using sequential participant numbering and I wanted to get back to a start of '1' after the pilot.

I can see the logs for the 5/28 date under the 5/19 log of the same name.