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Output to Serial or Parallel Port

By WS_Steven - 6/10/2014

Hello, I couldn't find any mention of this in the documentation or previous threads in this forum, but I was wondering if it's possible to have Inquisit send an output signal through either a parallel port or serial port to an external device.  The context I had in mind for this kind of usage was communicating with an EEG system when specific stimuli are presented, or when participants respond.

This is typically how event markers are put in EEG experimental protocols, from what I understand.
By Dave - 6/10/2014

Yes, Inquisit can communicate with external devices via TTL signals sent/received through a system's serial or parallel port. You will find this covered in the "How to Present TTL Signals Through the Parallel Port", "How to Use the Parallel Port Monitor Tool" topics in the documentation's "How To"-section as well as the language reference topics for the <port> element.
By seandr - 6/10/2014

Also check out the following EEG scripts in our task library:
These scripts provide examples of how to send event markers from the presentation computer to the data acquisition system.