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Direct 2D error

By hme16 - 8/26/2014


I just installed Inquisit 4 on my laptop and am attempting to run the Stop Signal Task script locally on my computer. Every time I try to run the task, I am unable to do so. I enter a subject ID, but then the task will not initialize beyond that. Instead, I get the following two error messages:

DXGI Error: 0x887a0002 Unknown error 0x-2005270526lX Line 472, File win\Direct2DGraphics.cpp
Direct2D Initialization failed. Please visit the manufacturer's web site for your graphics card and install and latest drivers.

I thought maybe I needed DirectX installed on my computer, so I downloaded it, but the problem remains. Does anyone have any further suggestions?


By Dave - 8/27/2014

The error indicates that your graphics card driver is either outdated or broken. Find the latest one available from the manufacturer and install it -- things should work fine after that.

If the error persists, there' something else interfering with the display system on your machine, preventing Inquisit to take control of the graphics card. You'll want to disable any unnecessary applications running in the background, particularly ones which hook into the display system (think: screen sharing applications, video conferencing software, etc.).
By hme16 - 8/27/2014

Thanks for the tip! I tried it, and everything appears to be running smoothly.