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Eye tracker synchronization via ethernet to inquisit?

By avermeer - 9/16/2014


I am new to Inquisit and would like to connect an Arrington eyetracker to Inquisit to sychronize them. For this I would like to send event markers / triggers from Inquisit to the eyetracker. I saw posts on TTL via parallel ports, however, this eyetracker synchronizes across machines via the ethernet. Is there currently a possibility with Inquisit to send triggers via ethernet connection? At the moment I have the eyetracker software and Inquisit running on the same pc. 

Is there anyone who has tried using Arrington eyetrackers with Inquisit via another way perhaps?

Many thanks,

By Dave - 9/16/2014

Unfortunately Inquisit cannot communicate with external devices via ethernet at present.