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surveypage with a picture selectable

By Jacek - 10/12/2014


I am planning an experiment in which participants should recognize a person on a picture, and additionally they should remember to do something when some specific persons appear. I wrote a script using survey page with radiobuttons element and a picture element. The additional activity is to click another checkbox. It would be perfect if instead of clicking the checkbox they could clik the picture. I am stuck because it seems that radiobuttons element and checkbox element work fine in surevey page and clickable picture in trial element. Is there a way of doing both at the same time?
By Dave - 10/12/2014

No, there isn't a way to do both at the same time. As you observed, <radiobuttons> etc. only work with <surveypage>s while defining stimuli (<picture>, <text>, etc.) as "clickable" is only possible with <trial> elements.
By Jacek - 10/13/2014

Thanks, I will have to stick to less elegant solutions.