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Force survey duration

By paughl - 10/29/2014

Hi Folks,

I want to force a set duration (5mins) for a survey, such that it times out after 5mins, but also does not allow time out until 5mins. Can someone suggest the relevant code?

Many thanks,
By Dave - 10/29/2014

Something along the lines of:

<block myblock>
/ timeout = 10000
/ trials = [1=pg1; 2=pg2; 3=waitfortimeout]

<surveypage pg1>
/ caption = "Page 1"

<surveypage pg2>
/ caption = "Page 2"

<trial waitfortimeout>
/ validresponse = (noresponse)
/ timeout = 10000
By paughl - 10/29/2014

Thanks again Dave. This helped, but i needed to give the option to go back through the survey until the end of the timeout...

What I ended up doing was positioning the nextbutton out of the visible screen.