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How to Redirect to Multiple Inquisit Tasks from Qualtrics

By aghartley - 11/10/2014


I am creating a study in which participants will fill out a Qualtrics form that will contain 5 distinct links that direct them to a different Inquisit task each time (e.g., Stroop, Dot Probe, etc). I've obtained the licence to Inquisit 4 Web and see that it is possible to create a link to the entire string of tasks all together, but I need a different link for each task (one for Dot Probe, one for Stroop, etc). Currently each task is written in a different inquisit (.iqx) file. I see that the Millisecond FAQ recommends the batch element for putting tasks together, but I don't think that can work for this case if I need the tasks to each have a separate link. Participants will not need to be redirected back to the qualtrics form after each task as the instructions direct them to press Cntrl Q.
My questions are:
1) It is possible to do this?
2) Do I need to put all of the code for each task into one Inquisit file? (i can do this, but the the code is lengthy).

Any help is appreciated, and apologies if this question has been asked before.
By Dave - 11/10/2014

You can use <batch> elements. You set up one <batch> element for each task and pass the task to run via an URL query parameter. See e.g.
By aghartley - 11/11/2014

Thanks so much for your prompt help, but a few clarification questions regarding the batch element for my problem:

1) All participants are in the same condition. So that would mean that I would leave out the "/subjects" line, correct?
2) Importantly, how exactly do I tell inquisit which "group" is which?

I used the following code in the main active Inquisit web file:

/ file = "LexicalDecisionTask.iqx"
/ groupassignment = groupnumber

/ file = "SimpleReactionTime.iqx"
/ groupassignment = groupnumber

And the used the following for redirecting the participants:  ....used for the link to the lexical decision task.  ....used for the link to the simple reaction time task.

What am I missing here? 

Sorry for my confusion.
By Dave - 11/11/2014

(1) No, you may not leave out the /subjects attribute. It -- along with the /groupassignment attribute -- will tell Inquisit which script to run based on the parameter you pass in.

(2) That's what the /subjects attribute does.
By aghartley - 11/11/2014

Great--thanks. This worked.

One more question: Is it possible for the Inquisit web task to open in a separate browser window so the participant can go back and forth from the task to their qualtrics form as needed? If so, how?
By Dave - 11/11/2014

No, not really. An Inquisit Web experiment does not actually run in a browser window. What you can do is set your experiments to run in "windowed" mode by setting specifying the <defaults> element's /windowsize attribute. See the documentation for details.

However, I would strongly recommend *against* switching back and forth between Inquisit and other applications (e.g. your browser / survey) -- it will mess up the timing and cause other issues.
By aghartley - 11/12/2014

Got it. Thanks for the help!
By aghartley - 12/4/2014

Just a quick follow-up to this thread for those who are interested. It is possible to have the inquisit window open up in a separate tab or browser window from Qualtrics if you needed to design a study where the participant had access to both. The default setting in Qualtrics is that the Inquisit window will take over the survey window temporarily while the participants complete the task, and you can redirect participants back to the Qualtrics survey through a link when they are finished with the task. However, there may be some cases where you'll need to let participants have access to both the survey and the task simultaneously or intermittently. For example, our lab was designing a study where we wanted to know participants' evaluations of a cognitive task while they were completing it.

To achieve this, do this through Qualtrics when you insert the link to the Inquisit Web study.
-Go to the "Rich Content Editor" to insert the link.
-When inserting the link to the study, click the "Target" tab, and choose "New Window (_blank)". This will open Inquisit in a new tab.
-Alternatively, if you wanted the task to pop up in a different browser window, you could choose "<popup window>"

Do note that if you want to do this, as Dave indicated, you will need to be sure to set Inquisit's defaults, window size in the code to something smaller than full screen. For example, I used 80%, 80% for the purposes of my experiment. When set to full screen, Inquisit will take over the screen, as usual, and participants won't have easy access to the survey until they are finished with the task.