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Save data to file

By Stevo - 12/4/2014

Hi all,

I'm new to Inquisit, and this is my first post. I'm trying to build a survey in Inquisit, a translation of a scale from English to Swedish. Below is a short version with only one item for your convenience to show you how the script looks right now. When I run this script, Inquisit ignores the <data> element, and stores the data in a file called "SDO.iqdat" (instead of "SDO_PHARE_RAW.iqdat"). Is some element missing? Or is there something wrong in the script?

I'm learning Inquisit from scratch, so apologies for maybe too basic questions...


/file = "SDO_PHARE_RAW.iqdat"
/columns = [date, time, group, subject]
/separatefiles = false

<slider SDO_Q1>
/caption = "Vissa är helt enkelt underlägsna andra

/ fontstyle = ("Arial", 32)
/labels=("Stämmer inte alls
", "Stämmer helt
/ range = (10, 500)
/range = (-100, 100)
/increment = 1
/slidersize = (50, 20)
/orientation = horizontal
/position = (20, 30)

<surveypage SDO1>
/questions = [1 = SDO_Q1]
/showpagenumbers = false
/showquestionnumbers = false
/nextbuttonposition = (55%, 70%)
/backbuttonposition = (35%, 70%)
/navigationbuttonfontstyle = ("Arial", 100px, true)
/backlabel = "Bakåt"
/nextlabel = "Framåt"

<survey SDO>
/pages = [1 = SDO1]
/navigationbuttonsize = (5%, 5%)
/fontstyle = ("Arial", 24pts)
/finishlabel = "Avsluta"

By Dave - 12/4/2014

That is the expected behavior. Data output for <survey> elements cannot be customized. The <data> element only applies to things run via <block> elements.

If you want to, you can run your <surveypage>s via a <block>'s /trials attribute. Note, though, that this will (a) change the output format (<survey>s produce "wide" data files: a single row per subject, one column per question; <block>s produce "long" data files: one row per trial) and (b) navigating back and forth between pages will not be possible.
By Stevo - 12/9/2014