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stimulus on survey page with a required radiobutton response

By mgheadley - 3/18/2015

I want to use radio buttons with a picture (rather than a text caption) as a stimulus.  I have figured out how to do this by putting a picture on each page of the survey.  However, when I include "/required = true" as an option with the radio button, the stimulus disappears if there is a non-response.    This makes it essentially unproductive to require a response as the participant needs to be able to see the picture to respond.

Any other ideas about how to use a picture as the radio button prompt AND have the picture remain on the screen if a response is required?
By Dave - 3/18/2015

You should use <image> elements with <surveypage>'s, not <picture> elements. I.e.

<surveypage mypage>
/ questions = [1=myimage; 2=myradiobuttons]

<image myimage>
/ items = ("mycaption.jpg")

<radiobuttons myradiobuttoms>