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Using an Image as a fixation in LDT

By Sam West - 6/2/2015

Hello there.  I am currently designing an LDT experiment using a joystick.  I am trying to make the fixation point (currently an asterisk) an image and am kind of lost as to how to approach this as I am pretty new to inquisit.

So this is how the text element looks
<text ready>
/ items = ("*")

and this is the trial element with the text element incorporated.
<trial ldtcategory>
/ stimulustimes = [0=ready; 700=category; 950=blank]
/ inputdevice = joystick
/ validresponse = ("forward", "back")
/ correctresponse = ("back")
/ beginresponsetime = 700

So is there any way to replace this with an image?  It functions exactly how I need it too, I simply need to replace the text character with an image file.
Any insight will be greatly appreciated.

By Dave - 6/2/2015

Remove <text ready> from the script and replace it with

<picture ready>
 / items = ("TheImageFileYouWantToUse.jpg")

That is all.