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Unable to obtain parallel port 1

By peterandrewbaldwin - 6/15/2015


I am trying to send binary signals from one PC to another via parallel port. Each time I run the script I get the error:
"Unable to obtain the address for parallel port 1."

I have never encountered this problem and I have never had to specify a port address before.
Markers are coded as:

<port baselinestart>
/ port = LPT1
/ subport = data
/ items = "01100101"

When I change the port type to COM1 (serial) the script runs fine.

There are definitely parallel ports on both machines, and they are connected via parallel cable.

Only clues as to what might be going on?

By Dave - 6/15/2015

Most likely the port number for the respective parallel port is not 1. You can check which it is via the system's device manager. The /port attribute in the <port> element must match that number, i.e., if the number is e.g. 3, it ought to read

<port baselinestart>
/ port = LPT3
/ subport = data
/ items = "01100101"

You can also try out different port numbers & sending / receiving signals via Tools -> Parallel Port Monitor... in Inquisit.
By peterandrewbaldwin - 6/17/2015

Thanks for that. Turned out to be a faulty parallel port. So quickly I blame the software ;)