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linked probability list

By Georgia - 7/1/2015

I have a question about generating probabilities of stimuli presentation. As an example, I would have 2 stimuli in a sequence of 8 whose probabilities are as follows:
p(all 8 are 1 type) = 0.34
p(7 are 1 type) = 0.30
p(6 are 1 type) = 0.17
p(5 are 1 type) = 0.13
p(4 of each) = 0.06
Is this possible to program with lists in inquisit? I thought it might be possible to do it using 2 kinds of lists, one for the probability distribution and the other for the stimulus ratio.
Any help would be much appreciated!
Thanks :)

By Dave - 7/1/2015

Sorry, that description doesn't give me a clear idea of what exactly you want to do. Hence I cannot tell you how many lists you'd need or how you'd have to set them up. I am fairly sure though that, yes, this is doable in principle using lists.
By Georgia - 7/14/2015

Ok, do I need to try to program something up briefly and then come back with the question?
I can generate the stimuli themselves and the code for that but for the probabilities and lists I'm not sure.
What specifically do you need to know to answer the question?

Thanks for responding.
By Dave - 7/14/2015

If you can code an small-scale example up, that would be helpful.

What I need in addition is a clear description of the procedure you are trying to implement. Your original post leaves too much room for interpretation.