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Emotional Stroop Error Message

By tevrenus - 7/21/2015

Hi all;
I am trying to program a script to use an emotional stroop paradigm as in Haas et al (2006). To this end, i have formed three groups of words (neutral, negative, positive) with
differing facial emotions as backgrounds. I have tried to from three blocks of trials such as;
"<block practice>
/postinstructions = (practiceend)
/trials = [1-2 = practice]

<block nötr>
/trials = [1 = ("Slayt1.jpg") ; 2-50 = noreplace]

<block olumlu>
/trials = [1 = ("Slayt11.jpg") ; 2-50 = noreplace]

<block olumsuz>
/trials = [1 = ("Slayt21.jpg") ; 2-50 = noreplace]
But i keep getting error messages notifying me that 1st trial is not found. Can anybody help me with this?
Thank you for your interest and help..

By Dave - 7/21/2015

<block nötr>
/trials = [1 = ("Slayt1.jpg") ; 2-50 = noreplace]

Definitions like the above are not valid Inquisit syntax.

#1: An image ("Slayt1.jpg") is not a trial. You need to set up a <picture> element

<picture slaytpic>
/ items = ("Slayt1.jpg")

have a <trial> element display that stimulus

<trial slayttrial>
/ stimulusframe s = [1=slaytpic]

and  run that trial via a <block>

<block someblock>
/ trials = [1=slayttrial; ....]

Statements like

/trials = [...;  2-50 = noreplace]

don't make sense either. From what should the block sample without replacement (noreplace)? There's nothing defined.

You'll find all of those basics and more covered in the tutorials contained in the Inquisit documentation. I would recommend you work through those before moving on with your stroop script.

Hope this helps.