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Test Battery within one script

By mrg4 - 8/20/2015


we are trying to realize a testbattery consisting of 5 seperate Tests (with more than one block each) in Inquisit. Due to time reasons, the experimenter should be able to choose which tests the participant has to work on. Before he starts there should be a "selection page" allowing the experimenter to choose one of the tests.
In each case demographic variables should be collected in at the beginning. By using seperate scripts the participant would have to enter his demographic data again for each test.

After that the chosen experiment should start. If it's finished, the experimenter should be directed to the "selection page" once again, and be able to choose another test. 

Is there a simple way to realise such a proceeding? There are a lot of block-elemets so I'd like to avoid using a /skip command on each block. I thought of a branch command, but it only allows to "jump" to a single block, not a series of block. As far as i know it is not possible to branch to expt-elements.

I hope my problem is clear. Thanks!

By Dave - 8/20/2015

No, there is no simple way. Using /skip, /branch, etc. is the way to go. You can find a simple example for the selection part here: