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timeout skips blocks

By lsolomyak - 9/16/2015

I am coding a few experiments that I need to timeout after a certain amount of time has passed. When I add the timeout variable in expt, it skips some of the blocks in the experiment. I need each of those blocks to be self paced so I cannot have the block timeout. 
Has anyone had this problem or have any suggestions of how to fix it?

Thank you so much,
By Dave - 9/16/2015

I think we've discussed this -- admittedly -- weird bug/issue as well as possible workaround strategies previously here:

What's outlined there is still the way to go.
By lsolomyak - 9/17/2015

Hi Dave,

The solution wasn't working for me earlier so i decided to re-post it, but I finally got it to work. 

Thank you!