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Is it possible to combine video and sliders?

By westr2 - 9/29/2015

I'd like to run an experiment where participants are presented with a video (though an animated gif would be fine), and then respond to a variety of questions on sliders. Is this possible? It seems that the video only works for trials, sliders only work for surveys, and there isn't any overlap. Am I wrong? I expect that I likely am. Any help would be appreciated.
By Dave - 9/29/2015

Depending on what you want to do precisely, there are several options:

(1) Display the <video> via the <surveypage>'s /stimulusframes.

(2) Display the <video> via a separate <trial> element and e.g. /branch to the <surveypage> containing your sliders afterwards.

<surveypage>s are special <trial> elements, i.e. you can use them in a <block> just like any regular <trial> element. However, you *cannot* run <trial> elements in a <survey>.
By westr2 - 10/1/2015

This looks to be working! Thank you so much for your help!