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Is it possible to change the fontsize of the nextkey?

By mvanrooij - 10/11/2015

Hi all,
After piloting an Inquisit 4 script one of the points of feedback that I got was that the fontsizes are too small. I'm able to change the fontsize of my stimuli and the instructions no problem, but I cannot find any way to change the fontsize of the /nextkey, is this possible?

/windowsize = (80%, 80%)
/fontstyle = ("Arial", 4%, false, false, false, false, 5, 1)
/txcolor = (black)
/nextkey = (57)
/nextlabel = "Press Spacebar to Continue""

I tried specifying a larger fontsize under /defaults but this doesn't change the size of the /nextkey, any suggestion is appreciated, thanks!
By Dave - 10/11/2015

The font style and size for navigation buttons on instruction <page> elements cannot be changed. You'd have to present your instructions using e.g. <surveypage> elements run via a <block>'s /trials attribute instead. For survey pages, the look of the navigation button can be customized via their /navigationbuttonfontstyle and /navigationbuttonsize attributes.