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Difficulty programming Inquisit to present a picture

By gregorypaquin - 10/17/2015

Dear anyone who can help! 

I've tried programming Inquisit 4 to present a picture in a survey page with text on the top of the page.  I've used several different methods of programming.  I've also tried saving the image as jpeg, bmp, and png.  No errors are found in the code.  However, when I run it I get the text on top of a blank page.  Here is one of the methods I've tried:

<surveypage alcoholpresent1>
/ caption="Please read the following news article carefully. You will be asked to answer a few questions about the article next."

<picture SAalcoholpresent>
/ items = ("SAalcoholpresent.jpg")
/ valign = Center


<survey alcoholpresent>
/ pages = [1=alcoholpresent1]
/ responsefontstyle = ("Verdana", -12, false, false, false, false, 5, 0)
/ itemfontstyle = ("Verdana", -13, false, false, false, false, 5, 0)
/ itemspacing = 4%
/ showpagenumbers = false
By Dave - 10/17/2015

To present an image on a <surveypage> either:

(1) Set up an <image> element and display it via the page's /questions attribute just like any other survey-type question. This is the recommended method.

(2) Set up a <picture> element and display it via the page's /stimulusframes.