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MTurk download page not x64 compatible

By ndecker - 10/26/2015


Attempting to use the Inquisit Web 4 app with MTurk, which thanks to your featured post I was able to do, except that the download linked on that page links only to the x32 version of the installer. Do you have a version of the installer that is compatible with both, or a version of the download page that has both x32 and x64 bit versions so that people can choose? Thanks!
By Dave - 10/27/2015

The download page -- --  will try to deliver the appropriate version (32-bit vs. 64-bit) automatically based on the browser used to visit it. When using a 64-bit browser, it'll provide the 64-bit web player installer, when using a 32-bit browser, it'll download the 32-bit installer. However, browser sniffing is not perfectly accurate, so there may be cases where the "wrong" download is triggered.

If you'd rather provide participants with direct download links, those would be
32-bit Windows:
64-bit Windows:
Mac OSX:

Hope this helps.