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Block Feedback to Respondents

By gloveradr - 1/31/2016

Could anyone tell me how to block feedback to respondents at the end of the Gender-Career IAT? I was able to do it with no trouble on the Race IAT, but I've been unsuccessful in removing feedback at the end of the Gender-Career IAT.

By Dave - 1/31/2016

You can do that by setting values.showsummaryfeedback to false, as documented in the script:

/showsummaryfeedback:          set parameter showsummaryfeedback = true to display summary feedback to participants at the end (default)
                                                        set parameter showsummaryfeedback = false if no summary feedback should be presented to participants
/showsummaryfeedback = true

You can alternatively remove the 'summary' block from the script's <expt> elements.