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Picture needs to overlap video

By Luise - 2/15/2016

In a surveypage I use two stimulusframes, a picture and a video. I need the picture to partly overlap the video with the intent to hide a part of of the video. I cannot find any code to define layers. Is there any possibility to do so?
By Dave - 2/15/2016

The screen area inhabited by the video needs to be constantly re-drawn, because a video -- in essence -- is just a rapid series of static images. You thus cannot overlay a <picture> on a <video>. The <picture> would be visible for a single frame and then disappear once the screen-area inhabited by the video gets re-drawn the next time. Your only option is to overlay the <video> with *another* <video> as in

/ stimulusframes = [1=backgroundvideo, overlayvideo]