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Inquisit 5 has been released!

By seandr - 2/24/2016

Millisecond is pleased to announce the release of Inquisit 5, the latest version of its popular psychological testing platform. 

One new feature of Inquisit 5 that we are particularly excited about is support for iOS devices such as iPads and iPhones. Now you can use Inquisit Web collect psychological data on Apple's mobile devices in addition to Windows and Mac computers. Inquisit 5 also introduces improved touch support for Microsoft Surface and other touchscreen devices running Windows. Targeting touch devices is easy - just write your script as normal and the Inquisit test engine will take care of automatically adapting it to the particular device it's running on.

In addition to mobile support, Inquisit 5 introduces the following improvements:
  • Enhanced script editor with improved colorization, auto-complete, auto-formatting, and integration of syntactic hints and help.
  • Present stimuli on mulitiple monitors
  • Support for modern, cross-platform video codecs
  • Tests can use drag/drop (for example, the Tower of London)
See the Inquisit 5 feature list for a complete rundown of new capabilities.

For licensing options and pricing, go here for Inquisit Lab and here for Inquisit Web. Note our new 1-year and 3-year departmental licensing options, which provide an affordable way for departments to give access to all faculty, staff, and students. 

Thanks as always for your interest and support!
-The Millisecond Team