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Script not running third batch file

By SuzannaA - 3/6/2016


I am trying to run three scripts with one (RefugeeAdolescentExperimentFINAL.iqx) and it runs the first two successfully but comes up with an error for the third:

"Unable to open file 'S:/BDC/ptsdshare/PTSD Unit/Personal Folders/Suzanna/Refugee Adolescent Research Study/RefugeeAdolesecentExpt2.exp'. No such file or directory (Error code: 5)"

This error appears when I've copied the experiment files into other pathways and also occurs when I change the file extension (from '.exp' to '.iqx'). The script 'RefugeeAdolescentExpt2.exp' runs on it's own, so I don't think it's the file itself.
I'm not sure what else I can do to troubleshoot the issue.

Would anyone have suggestions for troubleshooting or see what the issue is?

By Dave - 3/6/2016

The error message is perfectly correct. There is a typo in your <batch>

<batch Experiment>
/file = "RefugeeAdolescentExp.exp"
/file = "RefugeeDotProbe.exp"
/file = "RefugeeAdolesecentExpt2.exp"

No file called "RefugeeAdolesecentExpt2.exp" exists. The file is called "RefugeeAdolescentExpt2.exp"
By SuzannaA - 3/7/2016

But of course!!
Sometimes you just need a fresh pair of eyes, thank you for being just that! :)