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Changing Color of One Word in INSTRUCTIONS

By hspixley - 3/16/2016


I have searched several forums, the help manual, etc., and also asked a few people in my Lab who have previously used Inquisit - I'm so sorry if this has been posted before.

Is it possible to change one word in a line of instructions to be a different color?


If you make an error, you will see a red X.

(I would like the X itself to appear in red).

I've tried creating a text element and making it the same font as the default, but making the txcolor = red, but I get this when the task runs:
If you make an error, you will see a red <text.redX>.

I also tried to use html inline with the sentence, but it produces an error.

Thank you, Everyone.
By Dave - 3/16/2016

No, you cannot have a single word in a <text> element's /item have a different color than the rest of the item. /txcolor applies to all items of the <text> element in their entirety.

Neither is it possible to have such formatting in a simple instruction <page>.

Your options are:

- Use <htmlpage> instead of <page>. You need to set up a HTML file that is formatted to your liking.
- Use standard <text> and <trial> elements to display your instructions. For text that you want formatted differently, you need to set up and display separate <text> elements.
- Use a standard <picture> and <trial> element to display your instructions. Create the layout / formatting you want in your preferred word processor, take a screenshot and display the resulting image.
By hspixley - 4/5/2016

Thank you so much for these suggestions.  I might go with the screen-shot option, since we have a version of the IAT in iPad that displays those words in color.

Related Question:  Is it possible to change the color of an expression?

In the example below, I would want DEATH and LIFE to appear in YELLOW.

<item instructions>
/ 1 =  "                   Block 1 of 7

During this part of the task, tap the (E) key for <%expressions.grouponedeath%> related words.  Tap the (I) key for <%expressions.grouponelife%> related words.

If you make a mistake, a red 'X' will appear.  Tap the other key to continue.

GO AS FAST AS YOU CAN while making as few mistakes as possible."

general instruction expressions: adjust the instruction text depending on device used to run script
/grouponedeath = if (script.groupid == 1) {"DEATH";} else {"LIFE";}
/grouponelife = if (script.groupid == 1) {"LIFE";} else {"DEATH";}
By Dave - 4/5/2016

> Related Question:  Is it possible to change the color of an expression?

No. An expression has no color. The expression is evaluated by the <text> element that displays the item containing the inline expression. It's that <text> element's color settings that determine how those items are displayed and the limitations mentioned previously apply: A <text> element has a single color, etc. and it is not possible to have single words or letters in some of its items have different formatting than the others.