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Syntax for specifying data file upload to

By lakeside - 4/4/2016

I am unable to get my web script to upload data files to Please advise. Logs indicate running with MonkeyMode = true produces no finished time stamp. Running manually, produces a finished time stamp but no data. No errors are present. An Inquisit data upload window flashes after the script with no errors. Data are not being written to my computer desktop.

 Additional information:

Script URL:
Plugin: Inquisit Web Player 4.0.9

/file = ""
/columns = [date, time, script.subjectid, script.groupid, script.elapsedtime, computer.availablememory,
                    blockcode, blocknum, values.count_igtblocks, trialcode, trialnum, values.cardoffered, values.groupnumber,
                    values.defaultresponse, values.targetdeck,
                    response, values.response, latency, values.forcedwins1, values.forcedwins2, values.forcedwins3, values.forcedwins4,
                    values.gain, values.loss, values.netchange,, values.currenttotal, values.nettotal_block,
                    expressions.percent_goodplay_block, values.number_goodplay_block, values.total_gooddeck_block,
                    expressions.percent_badplay_block, values.number_badplay_block, values.total_baddeck_block,
                    expressions.percent_goodplay, values.number_goodplay, values.total_gooddeck,
                    expressions.percent_badplay, values.number_badplay, values.total_baddeck;

By Dave - 4/4/2016

Saving to the server is the default behavior.

Simply delete the /file attribute in your <data> element. You only need to specify that if you want your data saved somewhere else.
By lakeside - 4/7/2016

Thank you. I would suggest stating this in the documentation. Page 144 of the manual does not state the /file attrribute should not be used to upload data to It actually lists as an example URL when discussing the /file attribute. This is a case of hiding the obvious.
By Dave - 4/7/2016

Thanks for the feedback. I agree that using as an example address in the 2nd part of the "Gathering Data Over the Web" topic is not ideal and perhaps confusing. While Inquisit Web's default behavior is mentioned in the 1st part,

> "Option 1 (saving the data to is the default behavior of Inquisit Web, [...]"

the remainder of the topic, which includes the flawed example URL,  is only applicable if option 1 is not desired or feasible.

> "While option 1 is appropriate for the vast majority of experimenters, in some cases it may be necessary or desirable to leverage some
> of the other remote data features of Inquisit. The means by which data is saved to a server is controlled by the following attributes on the
> data element. [...]"

The contrast between the two scenarios certainly can (and should) be made more explicit / salient. Thanks again.