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Automatic download of data files and web logs

By lakeside - 4/8/2016

Are mechanisms available to allow programmatic download of script data files and web logs (e.g., web API, SFTP access to file directories)? Assuming no official mechanism is available, any thoughts on how to hack something together?
By Dave - 4/8/2016

No, at present there are no official mechanisms for automatic bulk-download of data files and/or logs in place.

As for hacking something together, it may be possible to script your browser to perform the various download actions programmatically, but that's certainly not ideal.

I'll add some sort of alternative access method to our list of features for consideration.
By seandr - 4/22/2016

Interesting request. Can you tell me a little more about your scenario so I have a idea of how the automated APIs might be used/useful?