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Possible to 'share' or 'transfer' values from different scripts when using batch element?

By hsl - 5/25/2016


I'm trying to use the batch element to run multiple scripts (see example below) and have a problem. Let's say I've the same variable values.age in both scripts EXP1.iqx and EXP2.iqx. When EXP1.iqx runs, the participant enters their age, which is then stored in values.age. Then when EXP2.iqx runs later, is it possible to 'share' or 'transfer' assigned value stored in values.age from EXP1.iqx to EXP2.iqx, without requiring the participant to re-enter their age again? Hope this makes sense! If that cannot be done, is there any alternative solution?

/file = "EXP1.iqx"
/file = "EXP2.iqx"

I really appreciate any help anyone can provide. Thanks!


By Dave - 5/25/2016

No, I'm afraid that isn't possible -- there is no way to transfer information from one script to another using <batch>. You would have to have the participant enter her/his age twice (once in each script). Alternatively, you would have to merge the two scripts into a single one which would obliterate the need to transfer information between them.