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BART crashing - Sound problem on Mac?

By aliucsd - 6/20/2016


I am running the most recent version of the BART (regular version, not auto) on Inquisit 4 (downloaded today, 6/20/2016), on a Mac running OSX 10.9.4 and getting the following error. Any help would be great, thanks!

Checking system capabilities...

Timer resolution: 0.0000010000000000000 milliseconds

Display: 0: Color LCD

Color resolution: 32 bits per pixel

Display mode: 1440 x 900

Refresh Rate: 60 Hz

Videosync support: WaitForVerticalBlank mode.

Building Experiment...

Extracting elements from /Users/neurocoged/Downloads/BART/BART.iqx...

Parsing elements...

<picture collectbutton>

<trial choice>

<picture pumpbutton>

<trial instructions>


<text totalearnings>


<picture balloon>


<trial collect>

<sound popsound>

<block summary>

<picture collectbuttonselected>

<expt BART>

<picture poppedballoon>

<list pumpresult>

<picture pumpbuttonselected>

<text ballooncount>

<text potentialearnings>


<trial pop>

<block BART>

<item instructions>

<shape blank>

<sound collectsound>

<text pumpcount>

<sound inflatesound>

<text instructions>

<trial init>



Sound Player Error -10879: Audio Unit: Invalid Property. Line 455, File /Users/seandr/inquisit/IQRuntime/mac/

Unexpected exception: -[NSRunWindow contentLayoutRect]: unrecognized selector sent to instance 0x7f9b9293cfe0
By Dave - 6/20/2016

The error suggest that your Mac for some reason has a problem with its audio interface or some of the files involved.
- Does audio otherwise work fine on this system?
- What is the system's audio setup (e.g. using only internal speakers, using external audio devices attached via HDMI or the like)? In other words: Is there anything special or unusual about the configuration?
- Do the files play back fine in iTunes?
- Are there any other applications running concurrently using the soundcard(s) in some extensive capacity?