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Error messages when uploading to inquisit web

By saudrain - 8/10/2016

Hi there, 

My experiment runs fine on my computer, but I'm having some issues uploading it to inquisit web. Half of my .jpeg images give an error message stating "unable to load the picture.... verify the file is of a supported image format." In addition, my script gives the following error "WIC Error: 0x80070057 The parameter is incorrect. Line 1458, File win\Direct2DGraphics.cpp".

I'm not sure if these two errors are related but I suspect it's beginning with my images. I have looked at past posts about these errors but the answers don't seem to apply. My images are encoded in RGB colour space. There are no spaces or inappropriate prefixes to these files either. I'm wondering if there's something strange happening in my script that I'm not catching. 

My script is here:

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! 
By Dave - 8/10/2016

It's unlikely that there's a problem in your script. Rather, your initial intuition is likely correct: It's due to the JPG files. WIC stands for "Windows Imaging Component"; it's a standard Windows OS component that applications -- including Inquisit -- use to render images.

Now, different Windows versions come with different versions of WIC. Especially older versions of WIC react badly to encoding issues in image files, for example invalid metadata. In addition, WIC -- like any other piece of software -- has bugs. You should:

(1) Strip any metadata from your JPG files. Programs exist that can do this in bulk automatically, for example
(2) Make sure your WIC is up-to-date. WIC updates come via Windows Update, so just make sure you have all important updates installed.
By saudrain - 8/11/2016

Stripping the metadata worked perfectly. Thanks for your help!