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How to change text position, when page element is used instead of text element?

By mongrel - 10/10/2016

Hello everybody,

I am a total beginner concerning Inquisit, so please be lenient, if my question is a bit stupid.
I followed the tutorial of Ron Dotsch to create an IAT and practise a bit. Therefore, I used page elements for the instructions and the instruct element to define their attributes. Seemingly, I cannot change the position of the instruction text - neither in the page element itself nor in the instruct element. Do I have to use text elements in order to change the position?

Thank you very much in advance!

By Dave - 10/11/2016

Correct. If you require elaborate formatting for your instructions, you ought to either use standard <trial> and <text> elements to present them (see the IAT scripts available in the test library at, or alternatively create HTML pages displayed via the <htmlpage> instruction page element.
By mongrel - 10/11/2016

Thanks a lot! I will do so. :)