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Sternberg memory task

By waldomaniac - 1/16/2005

Hi all

I am putting together an auditory Sternberg memory task using audio presentation and speech-recogntion response. I'm only just getting started - I was wondering if anyone had already generated a Sternberg-type task (auditory or visual) they would be willing to share...

By waldomaniac - 1/19/2005

Actually I have it pretty much sorted now - at least I have worked out probe-present and probe-absent trials. It's probably not the most elegant code ever devised, but if anyone wants it when I have it finished they should drop me a line here.
By seandr - 1/29/2005

Just wanted to let you know we updated our web site so that Inquisit users can now publish their scripts on our web site so that others in the community can learn from them. If you wanted to add this script to the list, that would be great!

To publish the script, go to our new Samples page at and click the "add my script to the list" link.