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Inquisit 5.0.7 Released

By seandr - 4/14/2017

Millisecond is pleased to release Inquisit 5.0.7, a major stability and performance update for Inquisit 5. This update fixes a number of sporadic bugs reported by customers using Inquisit in the field. We thank those customers for reporting the problems and working with us to fix them. We recommend all customers running Inquisit 5 install this update. 
  • Improvements in the handling and transfer of data files in offline mode on iOS devices.
  • Major improvements in script download speed for Inquisit Web on Windows.
  • Numerous fixes for bugs that caused hangs and erroneous displays, particularly when running scripts in batch mode.
  • Runtime performance optimizations for animations and drawing.
  • Runtime perforance optimizations and bug fixes for sound presentation on iOS devices.
  • Inquisit Web now shows live status messages on the splash screen while downloading and parsing scripts.
  • Dozens of bug fixes and improvements.
You can update your web studies to use 5.0.7 by editing the script from the web scripts page:
Inquisit Lab 5.0.7 is available for download here: