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Video Stimuli

By crweber - 2/9/2005

Hopefully, someone can help. I'm using video stimuli, but am having problems in playing it through inquisit. When I play the mpg. file outside of inquisit I have no problems. The file plays "smooth". However, when played through inquisit, I've noticed that the file doesn't play very well-- the image is jerky and it doesn't seem to be playing frame by frame. Further, in some of the files I've inserted text and images with a video editing program that only appear for one frame (approximately 30 milliseconds) but when played through inquisit these don't appear. And when they do, the text/image stays on the screen for much longer (probably about a half second given I can clearly see them). I'm not sure what the problem is. I'm using an older, Pentium II computer with Windows 98-- but which meets all the system requirements? Is this a RAM or processor problem? Or is there something that can be done through inquisit? Or is it a problem with Windows 98 itself. Thanks much,