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How do I register an offline computer?

By Admin - 6/1/2004

We get this question a lot, so here goes.

Each time Inquisit is installed on a machine, Inquisit assigns your computer a unique "computer key". To register Inquisit on that computer, you'll need the corresponding registration key that unlocks that specific computer.

You can obtain a registration key from our web site ( Just specify the computer key for the computer you wish to register. The computer key is displayed on Inquisit's registration dialog that appears whenever you launch an unregistered version of Inquisit. The web form will then return the corresponding registration key if you have purchased a license.

So, to register an offline computer, just jot down the computer key, go to a computer than does have web access, go to our form, and enter the computer key. Then jot down the registration key, go back to your offline computer, and enter it in Inquisit's registration dialog.

That's it.