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probabilistic sequence (locations or identities)... possible?

By Gus - 4/11/2005

Good morning,
I need to present a sequence of targets in different locations (not completely random, but with some restrictions) following a sequence on their identities. Also, on each trial the target is presented accompanied by a group of distractors (following another set of restrictions). I have tried to build a probabilistic sequence, but I don't know how to say to inquisit "if this trial presents this characteristics (considering target identity and position, color of the distractors, locations of the distractors), do this, and if presents these characteristics, do this, and...". Using Inquisit to build the necessary stimuli, and the "include" attribute to add the trials generated by Turbo Basic (which can execute the restrictions and create the set of trials forming a probabilistic sequence based on the specific criterion), I have completed this task, but I want to build it without Turbo Basic... if it is possible... Thanks!.